Campus Stories


aUM Yoga & Polarity

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

In 2013, Jessi Lipowitz founded aUM Yoga, a yoga studio and school for fitness and spirituality aficionados.

She subsequently founded Polarity in 2017, a pole dancing studio and event space for parties, bondings, and workout classes.

Both of these businesses are unique to the Ann Arbor area, and prior to the pandemic, Lipowitz recalls that both...

Caravan Gift Shop

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Have you ever walked into the alley past Nickel’s Arcade and felt transported back in time?

This historic, cobblestone street of brick-and-mortar store fronts has been home to the Caravan Gift Shop since 1927. Caravan has maintained its position as one of the oldest and most unique retail businesses in Ann Arbor.


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